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Berkayly : Specialized installer of window film solutions.
Superior performance
Energy consumption expenditures in Quebec are among the highest, due to climate change. Air conditioning in summer, heating in winter-seasonal energy costs can really soar. Applying energy-efficient window film can significantly reduce consumption and save you money year-round.

trained and certified film installers in Quebec for over 25 years.

Commercial and residential

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Protect against spontaneous glass breakage
Prevent damage
Tempered glass is stronger than standard annealed glass, but factors such as imprecise installation or impurities in the glass can cause spontaneous explosion.
When this occurs, dangerous cracks may develop and pieces of glass can fall on pedestrians. Create a safer environment by combining Safety & Security window films and structural adhesive or attachment systems. Films are professionally installed by Berkayly, securing the tempered glass and reducing the risk of accidents while giving you time to repair.
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Safety film

An informed choice
Berkayly, a certified applicator, offers unique, highly-tear-resistant window film technologies. The Ultra film series offers supreme protection, security and peace of mind. Regardless of the situation, ™ safety window films minimize damage and increase safety.

   Climatic conditions




  Various impacts


  Spontaneous glass breakage

Films meeting energy-efficient standards
Stay comfortable and reduce costs
Watch your electricity bill drop drastically when you opt for high energy-efficient UV films. These films filter out the sun’s rays and provide top-notch insulation during the cold winters. And during hot summer periods, the films can reduce heat by 35% to 80% when your facades are exposed to sun.
Combining elegance and comfort, window films offer significant year-round savings. You benefit from an alternative to window replacement, while enjoying long-term savings and reducing your environmental footprint. Contact a Berkayly specialist today!

Reduce the risk of collisions with birds with our specialized films

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