Installing architectural film on glazing can have significant positive ecological impacts. The application of films can be an interesting option in the recovery of glass. Unlike frosted glazing, decorative films can be replaced or removed beyond their service lifespan, protecting the clear glass, thereby recovering it completely and considerably reducing the amount of debris to be disposed or buried in landfills. We are proud of the positive impact that 3M technologies has on the environment.


Installing frosted decorative film on your windows helps to diffuse the light creating a calming atmosphere of peace and quiet so you can focus on your work. Your decorated windows can now provide you with more comfort and peace of mind. Protect your privacy by opting for products that adds a visual impact to your work environment. Endowed with a matte surface, these decorative films add a touch of elegance to your office, conference room, waiting room or glass partition. Depending on your lighting needs, you can choose from among any effect on your window or interior glass, ranging from opaque to transparent. Give your interior space a soft and comforting feel with our decorative films. Our products are specifically designed to add intimacy to your environment, ensuring that your workplace remains private, safe and well-decorated. We offer several different styles and shades to meet the privacy needs of your business.

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By opting for 3M decorative films for glass, you are choosing the best possible option to add a touch of design to your decor while ensuring your glass is better protected and secure in case of accidental breakage. Our products are designed using durable polyester compounds, so you can decorate your space elegantly. Protective films are mainly installed to diffuse the amount of brightness according to taste, to block nearly 99% of the sun’s UV rays and to create a unique effect in any given space. With a variety of shades and styles offered, decorative films add a personalized touch to your space. Get the desired effect by selecting one of the many modes of gradation available. With over 50 patterns available, there are absolutely no limits to how creative you can be. Decorate the glass on your windows according to your taste and choose aesthetically pleasing products to personalize your decor with style.

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Get the beauty, translucency and intimacy of etched, chiseled, sandblasted or textured glass at only a fraction of the price. Our range of Fasara and Cristal window films are frosted and applied directly to the glass, saving you time and money while facilitating installation and maintenance. These films can be installed on the spot with practically no interruption to your company’s workflow.


3M offers a wide range of creative products to decorate your glass and create a stunning effect. Each of our products can be fully customized as needed to suit each client’s individual tastes or needs. On top of getting superior results, our films are also easily fitted, installed and maintained.


Perfect for indoors and outdoors, these technologies are professionally installed and easily fitted to either flat or curved surfaces. The film itself is surprisingly versatile and can be cut into several formats and styles to meet the client’s needs.


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