Safety and Security Laminates Provide: Family & Property Protection for your home

Today protecting your family and property is more important than ever. To help reduce your chance of loss and add to your peace of mind, we’ve developed 3M Ultra Safety & Security Window Film ─ a new dimension in affordable, effective safety and security window laminates. This upgrade provides a tough, durable protective shield when professionally installed on the inside of your windows.



Security against crime

3M Safety & Security Window Films Laminates are uniquely designed to offer maximum resistance to penetration and tearing and thus effectively deter break and enter. By upgrading your windows, you will benefit from two desired essentials: time and stealth reduction. As well, the effects of vandalism may be limited to replacing a window since the property inside may not be exposed to further vandalism or theft.

Safety against Injury

You can substantially reduce the risk of serious glass cut injuries resulting from children accidentally running through a glass door or breaking a window. Even if windows or glass are smashed accidentally by flying objects or broken as a result of violent weather, 3M Safety & Security Window Film Laminates offer increased safety against flying shards, debris, wind and water.

Improve Comfort & Reduce Fading

There’s more to 3M Safety & Security Laminates than meets the eye. For example 3M Safety & Security Laminates block 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays – the number one cause of fading, so your furnishings and artwork will have a longer life. And depending upon which film you choose, summer heat gain and glare are also reduced to make your home more comfortable and help cut air conditioning costs.


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For over 50 years

Safety and Security Window Film Laminates have been utilized by thousands of Property Managers and Building Owners for over 30 years to protect people and property from:

  • Bomb blasts
  • Forced entry and vandalism
  • Accidental glass breakage
  • Violent weather

Different applications require different technologies. 3M invented security window film in 1966 and continues to offer the broad range of technologies for safety and security application.

3M developed its patented Ultra 600 and Ultra 800 laminates to provide unsurpassed tear strength and flexibility to minimize the effects of a blast. 3M Ultra 600, combined with the 3M Ultraflex anchoring system, has set the standard for blast mitigation in Canada.

3M Security Window Film Laminates are designed to slow down the forced entry process so that the intruder leaves the building for an easier target with the only damage being a cracked window. Different levels of protection can be provided depending on the level of risk.